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Three Step Dry-Damaged Skin Set

RM 136.00

-Suitable for starters 

-Helps dry/damaged/normal skin type

-Helps moisturise & hydrate skin 

-Reduces scarring 

-Brighten skin tone


-Helps skin stay in healthy condition for long term

-Reduces wrinkles

-Reduces fine lines

-Remove excess impurities and leave your dull skin purified and refreshed for a more radiant glow.

Directions AM±

1) Cleanse skin with Natural Clay Soap

2) Pour Orange Toner onto cotton pads and gently rub on skin

3) Apply Lily Noir Cream onto face

This set consists of three products;

1x Orange Toner 110ml

1 x Goat's Milk Soap

1 x Lily Noir Face Cream 50ml

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