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Three Step Acne-Oily-Damaged Skin Set

RM 138.00

-Suitable for starters 

-Helps oily & acne skin

-Helps prevents acne formation and breakouts

-Reduces scarring and brighten skin tone

-Help dry out new acnes


-Helps skin stay in healthy condition for long term

-Reduces wrinkles

-Reduces fine lines

-Can help reverse skin damage 

-Remove excess impurities and leave your dull skin purified and refreshed for a more radiant glow.

Directions AM±

1) Cleanse skin with Natural Clay Soap

2) Pour Orange Toner onto cotton pads and gently rub on skin

3) Apply Bergamot Serum onto skin *Apply generously on newly formed acnes anytime*

This set consists of three products;

1 x Toner 110ml Toner

1 x Natural Clay Soap

1 x Bergamot Serum 50ml

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