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There are THREE order statuses once you have placed an order.Here are the following for your understanding;


All orders start as unfulfilled. This means that your order has been received and is waiting for our warehouse to get to your order so it can be pick-and-packed.During this process your payment will be checked by our team.This process usually takes up to 2 working days for Manual banking.If payment was via our gateway BILLPLZ your order would be automatically processed as the system recognises your payment.

Partially Fulfilled

We always try our best to make sure you get everything you ordered but there may be some circumstances  where you'll see that your order may be partially fulfilled.This usually happens when the product is shown as PRE-ORDER.This generally means that not all of your items were available to ship because one or more of the items are no longer in our inventory.If your order has taken more then 1 working week then our system would automatically partially fulfil your items.

The remaining order will be shipped once the stock arrives our warehouse.Estimated time arrival may vary due to unforeseen circumstances by courier companies delay or road closures.

If the item is unavailable unexpectedly what is available in inventory will be packed into a package and shipped out to you where you will have received an email with the tracking information or the items that have shipped. 

If you didn't receive an email, check your order status for the latest on your tracking information.

A request for refund is applicable in the circumstances that we will not be proceeding the your order.Refunds can be transferred to credit for future purchases depending on customers choice


This means your order has been completely pick-and-packed and is on its way to your door! By this point, you will have received an email with your tracking information. If you didn't receive an email, check your order status for the latest on your tracking information.

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