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1. What do I do if my package is not in a good condition?

Take a photo/video and send it to our WhatsApp @012912 2603.You will receive a response within 24 hours. 

2. I have an exciting idea to market or promote your products. Where can I send those ideas to? 

You can always email us at [email protected] . We are always open to hearing new and fantastic ideas to make The Soaphaus a versatile and affordable skincare line

3. Are your products vegan? 

Unfortunately, not all our products are vegan. Only the Goats Milk Soap and Honey and Oats scrub are NOT vegan. The rest are VEGAN! We ASSURE you that our products are not tested on animals! 

4. Are your products natural?

We have selected naturally derived ingredients for  the formulations for our products to create very effective and safe formulas.Any non-natural ingredients used are the safest and used mostly as stabilisers and preservatives 

5. How do I use your products in order? 

Skincare steps can be confusing at times! But don't worry, it's not rocket science! We got your back! Just go to our Steps and Usage page! All of it will be up there! However, if you still have questions, please do email us at [email protected]the-soaphaus.com and we will be happy to help you figure it out! 

6. I am using products from other brands. Can I add The Soaphaus products in my routine? 

Yes you may! However, please be prepared to have an adversed reaction, as some people's skin might not be acceptable to the switch from chemical based products to natural products! Alternatively, you can read up about skin purging. Patience is key lovelies. May the force be with you!

7. Do you sell whitening products? 

We at The Soaphaus believe in embracing your skin colour! We DO NOT sell ANY WHITENING PRODUCTS! Our products do BRIGHTEN the skin and helps to even skin tone, but it would not bleach the skin! It's about time we start appreciating the melanin in our skin.

8. Can I buy The Soaphaus products on Instagram? 

Yes, you may! However, we process the website orders faster than our Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp orders. 

9. How long does it take for my products to arrive? (COVID-19)

We at The Soaphaus always work on finding solutions for the best delivery result! Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, please expect a delay in order delivery(5-6 working days). To track the status of your order, click the link attached in your shipping confirmation. We’ll also be in touch with updates on your order.

10. Do you ship internationally? 

Yes we do ship internationally. 

11. How long would it take for The Soaphaus to respond to my emails/messages? 

Due to high volumes of messages that we receive everyday, we will respond to your request within 24 to 48 hours. If we have not responded yet, do send us a follow up on it, as we may have missed it! We are facing delay due to limited workforce during this COVID period.Your patience is very much appreciated.

12. If my question is not here on the FAQs, how can I send them over to you?

You can email us your enquiries and concerns to [email protected]. Once we see similar questions asked, we will update our FAQs. 

13.What do I do if I had an allergic reaction?

If you've experienced an allergic reaction with one of our products, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team who can assist you

Your input will help us communicate to the brand involved and find an appropriate solution! In your message to our Customer Service Team, please include:
- Your order number/ name of the store the item was purchased from;
- The full name of the product that caused an allergic reaction; and
- A detailed description of the symptoms experienced

Our Customer Service Team may also ask for:
- A full view photo of your store receipt (if applicable);
- Photos of the product; and
- Photos of the affected area

Since different skin types and conditions may react differently to our products and brands, we always suggest reviewing the listed ingredients of products provided on our products page to help you identify any sensitivities with certain ingredients.

14. Can I use your products during my pregnancy?

Our products are designed to be suitable to use during pregnancy, however, as your skin can change so much during pregnancy, we always recommend checking any of your beauty products, including ours, with your doctor before using as this can be a really sensitive time for your skin.

15. I'm afraid the product doesn't work for me after purchasing, can i ask for a refund ?

We are unable to offer exchanges or refunds for products returned due to skin irritation. We stand by the quality of the products we sell, but certain ingredients (e.g. citrus based) may cause irritation to very sensitive skin or. To help you avoid irritation or allergic reaction, a full ingredient list is displayed on each product page. If you're having trouble deciding what products might work best for your skin, shop by skin type or contact us for a recommendation. We're happy to help!

16.Sensitive skin vs Sensitised skin.What does it mean ?

-Sensitive skin is a weak protective function of the skin that can be genetically predisposed. When skin is sensitive, its protective outer layer allows irritants, microbes and allergens pass through, causing adverse reactions like stinging, pain, redness or flushing. Genetically sensitive skin is considered more delicate because it has a lower amount of pigment, a thin epidermis, and blood vessels close to the skin surface, hence the appearance of redness. You may notice that you’re also prone to asthma and allergies. Sensitive skin can be passed down through generations – but there are ways to manage it.

-Sensitised skin caused by your environment (sensitized skin)
Sensitized skin can be triggered in anyone, regardless of your genes. It’s actually a reflection of your environment. Frequent irritability from lifestyle, irritants, cosmetic/skincare ingredients including alcohol, lanolin, fragrance and artificial color and other external factors can contribute to sensitized skin from your past usage. Hard to avoid right? Ready for the good news? Avoiding your individual triggers can actually reduce or eliminate your symptoms. When these triggers can’t be avoided (think pollution, environment and temperature sensitivity), your symptoms of sensitized skin can be managed through skin care and lifestyle changes.This leads to skin purging as well.But do bare in mind our products does not contain any skin harming ingredients.So if you have an adverse reaction after our product usage we would only ask you to be patience with the results as chemically damaged skin will take time to recover as your skin barrier health is damaged.

17. Why sometimes some products differs in texture or smell from I purchased earlier?

Do take note natural products may vary from batches. A natural product is subject to some change each batch, especially when organic ingredients are involved, due to the lack of chemical additives in it.We choose not to add strong chemical additives to ensure the products look the same every batch.Hence color, smell or texture may vary from batches. But rest assured, the quality and the benefits are same!

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