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Moisturising Duo (LILY+BERGAMOT)

RM 139.00

Get this moisturising duo bundle which is important for the wellbeing of your skin.Treat your skin with our best selling bergamot serum followed by a luxurious lightweight lily noir face moisturiser.

Bergamot Serum - Rich with aloe vera extracts and Bergamot (a potential hybrid of bitter orange and lime) oil, this lightweight moisturiser can work wonders for your skin. If you have always wanted skin that radiates, you can opt for this face serum. It will not only rid you of your acne problem but will also make your skin glow by absorbing into your skin faster than most face serums out there. 

Lily Noir Face Moisturiser - This cream is formulated to hold moisture in the upper layers of your skin with our key ingredient, Natural Hyaluronic Acid(HA). It is always great to used different types of acid on your skin to help with your skin concerns. HA is a great ingredient that helps with dark circles, scar reduction, and also helps to keep the skin young and tight. This cream keeps your skin hydrated than most of the other moisturisers out there, without making your skin look oily. Ps, this cream is great even for individuals with oily skin!

This bundle consist of ;

x1 Bergamot Serum (50ML)

x1 Lily Noir Face Moisturiser (50ML)

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