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Rose Glow Sheet Mask Box

RM 80.00

This sheet mask is enriched with rose petals and contains powerful antioxidants that help to reduce redness, calm irritation and repair the skin. Our sheet mask also helps to fight free radicals by absorbing excess oil within the pores which keeps our skin looking radiant and clear. The unique packaging design contains real rose petals, so once the pack is opened you'll notice the beautiful petals begin to turn brown as they oxidise.


During this time, we worked with industry experts to develop a sheet mask with potent rose extract. Our packaging design is truly unique and we’re confident that it’s here to stay. What makes this sheet mask different? Made from fresh rose petals, once applied on the skin the petals will turn brown—proof of its natural ingredients! Because this mask is made with high quality materials, you can use it daily or only when necessary. It has a powerful healing hydrator and helps to reduce redness and blemishes—it even reduces oil production! For all skin types too!


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