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The Soaphaus X Swanita; Where skincare and feminine care meets!

The Soaphaus X Swanita; Where skincare and feminine care meets!

It has been a solid 5 years for The Soaphaus and we are excited to announce this special collaboration. As a brand, our mission is to bring products that are of quality for our customers. All the products in The Soaphaus are formulated to help customers deal with their skin concerns 


Naturally, when Swanita approached us for this collaboration, our only concern was the quality of the product. Yes, the vulva is a self cleaning organ and one does not need a feminine wash to “clean the vagina”.However, is it important to use a gentle wash to clean the labia as it is covered by skin and there will be build up. Many dermatologists have advised to use a good quality feminine wash so that it does not have a harsh effect on the skin surrounding the intimate area. 


One of the main ingredients in Swanita is Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide. This ingredient encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria. Chances are, you would have started hearing how good probiotics are in general for our health. It promotes growth for your gut flora. Alpha-Glucan helps to feed good bacteria and makes it easy for them to colonize. It reduces flaking and cracking of dry skin.This ingredient is rare for the Malaysian market and we have only seen international brands using it in their products ✨

It’s time to UP your Feminine Health Care this year πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸŒΈ

Click here to find out more - https://www.the-soaphaus.com/collections/body-care/products/swanita-intimate-hygiene-wash-200ml-

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