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How much of product should I use ? 🧐

How much of product should I use ? 🧐

Sometimes it can be confusing to know how much of each products to use, especially with so many skincare products you are supposed to include in your daily regimen. πŸ€”

From cleansers and serums to moisturizers and more, we'd love to share this guideline on how much product you need to use:

[Cleanser] : Use a dime size amount of cleanser in the AM and PM to gently cleanse the skin. For our soap cleansers, all you need to do is work the soap into a nice lather with your hands. 

[Exfoliator] : For gentle exfoliation, start with lukewarm water and add a dab of face scrub would do the trick!

[Toner] : We would recommend applying a toner generously to a cotton swab (4-5 drops), making sure that it is fully saturated, and applying day and night.

[Serum] : A pea-sized amount of serum will give your skin a concentrated boost of ingredients!

[Moisturizer] : Depending on the skin type, a few drops of a moisturizer to a pea-sized amount of a heavier moisturizer works well.

[Facial Oil] : Aim for 2-3 drops on the face and neck. You don't want to get too heavy on the facial oils! 

Aaaand you're done! ✨😍

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