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Here are 3 important rituals for your skinhealth!

Here are 3 important rituals for your skinhealth!

Our skin always indicates so much of our overall health and most of us ignore the signs. I believe that one should take care of their skin not for vanity purposes, but having healthy skin has so many benefits. We feel more confident and needless to say how that changes so many different aspects of our life! 

Here are some rituals that are often overlooked but we are here to convince you that these rituals really work in restoring skin health. 

Drinking water

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This is pretty self explanatory and let me hit you with some science facts if you aren’t already drinking enough water. It detoxifies the skin! Getting enough water intake daily plays a pivotal role in aiding digestion, blood circulation, and getting rid of toxins in the body, which helps your skin glow from within. Also, drinking water makes you look younger. Lack of hydration will result in dry, flaky, tight skin. Insufficiently hydrated skin will not heal as well, which will age your skin faster. 


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Personally, I was never a fan of using a face mask because I thought using skincare was enough. Both yes and no. Of course, it is a step forward even if you use a proper face cleanser but masking was one of those EXTRA steps that I totally underestimated. As I started expanding my routine, I found using ANY type of mask, once or twice a week really showed a difference. It proved my theory of face masks being a marketing gimmick. Now, it has become part of my fun ritual. The Clay Line- up and TSH’s latest Rose Glow Mask is all I need. It is almost like a fun game of “ Which one should I use this time?” 


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Getting my 8 hours of sleep has changed so much in how I think and feel about myself. That aside, seeing a difference on my skin was something I did not expect. Sure, I have read articles that getting enough sleep reduces the appearance of wrinkles. But I did not believe it until I experienced it myself. 

Did you know that sleep is a natural skin moisturiser? It helps to smooth out wrinkles and is vital for a healthy complexion. No wonder we “look tired” when we haven’t had a good night’s rest; as lack of sleep affects the skin’s natural pH, making your complexion look dull, dry and less youthful. Plus, the imbalance this causes results in the skin secreting more oil, which leads to breakouts.

Here are some rituals for good quality sleep; 

  • Avoid desserts: Eating sugary foods before bed wrecks havoc on your digestive system, which disrupts your sleep and can keep you awake for longer. But of course, never restrict yourself if you really want ice cream πŸ˜‚

  • Moisturise: I like to use TSH’s Lily Noir cream and it makes my skin super soft and the antioxidants feed my skin during the night.

  • Relax: I like to listen to meditation music to help relax my mind and calm myself after a busy day.



I hope this may be the article that convinces you to start doing these basic rituals that are often overlooked. Let me know what other topics that you want me to explore and together we can improve our overall health.πŸ’•

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